What is an NFT?
NFTs are "one-of-a-kind" assets in the digital world that can be bought and sold like any other piece of property, but which have no tangible form of their own.
Why do people buy Digital Art?
Digital art NFTs are extremely popular and often used as profile pictures on social media by celebrities, artists, influencers and business tycoons. From likes of Mike Tyson, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Stephen Curry, Mark Cuban and more. Now you too can display your originality by getting yourself a unique & one of kind artwork and support a great cause at the same time.
How does it work?
You will need a phantom wallet and Solana crypto currency in your wallet to purchase Art and donate proceeds.
Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
Unfortunately, once the transaction is made on blockchain it is final, However you can resell the art on an open marketplace.
Can I resell it?
Yes, just like physical art, you can resell on marketplaces like DigitalEyes, Solsea or Solanart. Often for much higher prices. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Where will the money go?
The proceeds will first go to the main company wallet from there they will be transferred to GGI USA within 24 hours.
How much of the money will go to charity?
80% of the proceeds will go to Gift Global Initiative, 20% will go to paying for Artists, Transaction costs, platform fees for running auctions etc... All transactions are traceable on the blockchain.